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May 20 2019

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May 19 2019

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May 18 2019

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I was not the woman who breaks into pieces under the blows of abandonment and absence, who goes mad, who dies. Only a few fragments had splintered off, for the rest I was well. I was whole, whole I would remain. To those who hurt me, I react giving back in kind. 
I am the queen of spades, I am the wasp that stings, I am the dark serpent. I am the invulnerable animal who passes through fire and is not burned.
— Elena Ferrante
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May 15 2019

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Erotos 1993

May 14 2019

I am not a bird or a symbol. I am a woman burning.
— Katie Longofono
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May 11 2019

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Hannah Arendt, Zur Person (1964)
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May 09 2019

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At one with nature: Tippi aged 6 with her arms stretched out on Sea Bird Island, Africa.  My Book of Africa by Tippi Degré 
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May 05 2019

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Ryszard Kaja
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Sergii Shaulis, Ukraina
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May 04 2019

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"Rzeczy, których nie wyrzuciłem"
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Sarajevo, Bosnia. January 1994, By Jean Claude Coutausse

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May 02 2019

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April 27 2019

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